I care about the whole picture but see the details. You care about the details but see the whole picture. Find each other.


Most people think people who talk fast are intelligent, which is ironic, for they only understand half of communication.

I was able to say to my HomePod “Hey Siri play Panopticon’s The Scars of Man Upon the Once Nameless Wilderness, part two” and the album played. This is a kind of magic.

What is perfection? Is it to go farther in one direction than anyone else has gone? Or is it simply to extend in the directions in which you ultimately extend? In other words: am I ashamed of loving what I am currently doing? Why? What pattern am I comparing myself to? Do I feel like I’m not producing something? What is wrong with simply loving the present moment?

Panopticon is as close as I’ve come to understanding the Norwegian black metal mind, at whose heart is a passionate embrace of one’s folk tradition. For me, at least in part, as an American, that tradition is Americana. Until now, I did not realize this. Now I see why I’m also drawn to bands like R.E.M. and Vigilantes of Love.

Whenever I hear someone say “he’s on the spectrum” as a way of explaining (away?) another’s personality, I smile wryly. Whose spectrum?