What I love is the interface of philosophy and computer science. Which is another way of saying none of my life has been wasted.

Standing in the ocean waist-high, securing my feet in a hanmi stance, while letting my body move with each wave—this is close to wu wei. Lying on my back as the water holds me afloat, with no effort, is closer.

One also realizes human strength is an illusion compared to the power of the sun, ocean and wind. Each is an unbeatable force.

I was excited for Spirit Adrift’s new album today but had no idea it would be this good. Curse of Conception sets too high a bar, in much the same way Khemmis’s Hunted does. But I’m on the last track, “The Way of Return,” and I am smitten. He is so good.

I realized last night that Insolubilia is 4 years old. I spent some time rereading some of the first posts, and was surprised how good they were. I feel like I always see my present self as preparing to do something well, if only I can have enough time to prepare, which I never do. As such, anything I produce is (in my mind) a draft at best, not worthy of higher praise. And if that’s the case, how much more so my past work, which must surely be both immature and embarrassing? Now, to be sure, much of it is. Nevertheless I’m glad I wrote it. It is always good to remind ourselves of what we believed.

Not surprisingly, I wrestled with this early on.

There is a reason why people both love and fear dogs. They are wolves showing their other nature.

I need to understand the fundamentals first so that I can know which specific paths to choose. Which means, I need to choose which fundamentals I see as fundamental. But this is what I’ve wrestled with my whole life. Not because I think the choice can’t be made, but because I don’t want to rule anything out. Which is another way of saying I don’t understand what it means to choose.