Wang Bi’s concept of the Laozi responding to the Dao and not acting on its own is a beautiful image of textual inspiration.


When one’s friendships are not examined carefully, one will be misled

Wang Can (2nd c. Chinese poet)


Maybe to be productive means I have to believe there will be time—all the time I need to go slowly, to not worry about making a wrong choice, to be present, to pursue an angle at the expense of others, to listen, to wait…

Your position in life doesn’t matter, only your treatment of others. Position can be acquired by other means.

I was about to have a debate in my head about the greatness of Spirit Adrift vs Khemmis. By divine intervention I quickly came to my senses. It is foolish to rank the gods.

Doom metal

As I listen to Nate Garrett’s first Spirit Adrift album, I am amazed at the fullness of his genius. To be able to pick up each of those instruments and play them is one thing, to produce such full, heavy sound another–to do both and write like that is almost inconceivable.

And as I listen to his second album I am starting to think he may currently be my favorite writer and guitarist. I can relate to him. I see the difference–I could never do what he does. But it is exactly how I would conceive it. Simplicity and genius go hand in hand. This is doom metal at its best.