The world can be represented in binary, but not reduced to it. This leaves me on the side of religion.

Too often we mistake rhetorical speed for value: be it intelligence or confidence. Someone who always has a quick reply, especially if it’s witty, is smart. He who speaks first, even if we disagree, must (we assume) be right.

Yet those who take their time often notice not only the details but the surroundings. That is, they can step back and see more of the whole, for they are not enslaved by the constant need to react.

On the other hand, this also helps explain why I have always been drawn to those who are fast. I am amazed at their skill, though I would never choose to be like them. In their haste they miss too much for my liking.

The GNU/Linux man page for passwd references a wikipedia article. At first I was surprised, but after a moment’s thought it made perfect sense. Both are open-source. I then realized, for the first time clearly, how absurd it was of me to try to steer my students away from wikipedia articles as sources. The distinction between “peer reviewed” (i.e. traditional academic journals) and wikipedia is absurd, for the latter is precisely what that means. Which is another way of saying Peirce’s notion of truth is right.

Music is deeper than speech. How have I not realized this until now?

Because it is true. Music alone can reveal this.