No regret

Being present means not regretting the things you desperately want to pursue but know you cannot. There is simply not enough time. To try would be the same as paralysis, for we cannot go in more than one direction at a time. We can only choose a direction and embrace it wholeheartedly. This requires great courage.

On Choosing

This game I play of choosing not simply one band over another but one album above all is absurd. No one exists apart from the whole. Each one that I love is simply a different part of what I love at that moment. Which is another way of saying there is no way ultimately to choose. One must simply be present to that which is great.


I am ready to listen again after Peart’s death, starting with 1975’s Fly by Night.

What an opening statement Anthem is. Led Zepplin couldn’t do this in their wildest dreams. Rush was too talented and nerdy to be popular.

There is something, amorphous and complete, that was born before heaven and earth.

Laozi § 25

I am struck by the juxtaposition of amorphous and complete. To be complete is to be perfect—missing no parts. How can that which is complete have no shape?

Even the name Dao is brilliant. It’s their best attempt at the broadest possible word to express the ground of being:

There is something, amorphous and complete, that was born before heaven and earth.

Obscure, oh and immaterial, oh, it stands alone, unchanged.

It operates everywhere but stays free from danger, thus we may consider it the mother of all under heaven.

We do not know its name.

So we style it Dao

Forced to give it a name, we call it great.

Laozi § 25

When I listen to [Hunted]( I realize it is not simply that I love this album, nor that it is perfect. Rather, it could be the last album I heard before I died and I would be content. To what degree this is their genius or my preference I’ll never know, nor does it matter.