Desire can prevent us from seeing _dao_. This strikes me as correct, yet there is a fine line between this and Buddhism.

>He who by reanimating the old can gain knowledge of the new is fit to be a teacher.

Confucius (Giles, 8)

Reading Russell reminds me of why I love Peirce. The height of mathematical philosophy is as close as I can come to math, in the same way that assembly language is as close as I care to come to electrical engineering. I love the beauty of the underlying structures.

I’m reading [The Way of Awareness in Daoist Philosophy]( by James Giles. His writing is clear and the timing could not be better. I studied under one of the professors who wrote a review on the back jacket. At the time I thought Daoism was interesting at best, but ultimately wrong. How foolish I was.

At the same time, I am disheartened by the fact his publisher needs to print a bio and headshot. Who cares where an author studied and taught, or what he looks like? Especially a Daoist! That someone else approves of a writer has nothing to do with whether or not he’s worth reading.

Yet truth requires just that: consensus. Not in essence, but recognition.

>It is only at a high stage of civilisation that we could take this series [i.e. the set of natural numbers] as our starting-point. It must have required many ages to discover that a brace of pheasants and a couple of days were both instances of the number 2: the degree of abstraction involved is far from easy. And the discovery that 1 is a number must have been difficult. As for 0 it is a very recent addition; the Greeks and Romans had no such digit. If we had been embarking upon mathematical philosophy in earlier days, we should have had to start with something less abstract than the series of natural numbers, which we should reach as a stage on our backward journey. When the logical foundations of mathematics have grown more familiar, we shall be able to start further back, at what is now a late stage in our analysis. But for the moment the natural numbers seem to represent what is easiest and most familiar in mathematics.

Amazing. And his use of the first person plural pronoun is far too generous.

Here’s an interesting thing about [Elder]( They’re a band I would 100% suggest a new listener start with their latest album. Yet it’s the most different, because it’s the most mature. I love everything they’ve done except the first album, which is a mess. Omens is ethereal. From there you can work your way back to everything. He allows his voice to be as important as his guitar