Stop worrying about a test. Simply study what you love. In other words, love what you love, do not worry about proving your love to others.


Respect your opposite, for he sees everything you see, merely in reverse.

What do I want to prove? And to whom? These are the only questions I need to answer.

Not why, which is, of course, more interesting. Nevertheless, it is not what I need to do.

I also now realize that the hermeneutical idea of authorial intent, while not necessarily false, is absurd, for it would destroy reading.

Let it go

My hands are freezing, even though I’m indoors, and I was thinking I have Elsa hands, even though I’ve never seen Frozen, and then I searched for “Elsa the Lich King” and found this. If you are not familiar with World of Warcraft watch this first. My faith is restored in YouTube and the internet as a whole. To know there are others who not only think the same ridiculous thoughts as you but do so more brilliantly is to know you are not alone.