If you look for enemies you will only find ones you have imagined. That is, they are almost certainly not. The actual ones, if any, will make themselves clear. This is not to say there are not real and frustrating opponents–life is full of them. Rather, they are not to be hated and destroyed. They are to be engaged.


To be able to see opposites as the same is the essence of genius. And equally why it is so hard to do.

To say I do not care about rank, or, this is my highest rank, is to say the same thing. Accept this and simply enjoy the contest.

To master one must learn to submit. The opposite is prima facie absurd. So why do we assume the master is the aggressor?

Someone created it. Another translated it into math. I know how to bridge the gap. Perhaps this is why it took me so long to figure out what my calling is. I always assumed the ideal was one end of the spectrum or the other.