Leckie is right about vestiges: they are ever, only, talismans. Whether or not they are genuine is beside the point.


Thackeray may have believed his first novel, Catherine, was a failure, but it was for stupid reasons. Always trust your audience to decide what is worthy. It is such a joy to read him again.

Provenance isn’t great, but I’m glad Leckie wrote it. She stayed within the Ancillary universe without being enslaved by it. This requires a level of skill most writers don’t have.

I’m at the Within Temptation show tonight in Boston. Sharon den Adel is a force of nature. I’m impressed with how heavy they are live. But at the end of the day everything supports her. What a voice.

I’m trying to listen to Dream Theater’s newest album, and I can only do it one track at a time. I’m starting to realize they are a grotesque distortion of Rush: the idea is not to create a band out of virtuosos, it is to create an exceptional band. This is what makes Rush greater.

Leckie makes me realize science fiction is right: the holy grail of giving input to a computer is thought.