5, 55

Five songs, fifty-five minutes of [perfection](https://beholdtheelder.bandcamp.com/album/omens).

I vaguely recall listening to the first part of Elder’s _Lore_. It was suggested as a band I might also like. At the time, I did not. Why? I have not the slightest idea. Moreover, I am abashed at the time lost. My only critique of it now is the fade-out at the end, which, in general, is a weak way to finish anything–a kind of sad repetition of surrender. In place of an ending one’s given an attenuated vamp.

Ironically, I returned to them about a year later by the same path, but this time the suggestion was Omens. Having completely forgotten that I had even heard of them, I simply listened. I was enthralled. Each and every time I return (which is still multiple times a day) the feeling remains. There is hardly a note out of place, which is all the more impressive given the genre. Prog is angular enough. Wedding it to hippie rock is sure doom. This is not for the easily bored.

For those who remain there is one of the finest compositions in rock. The songwriting is sublime, the execution organic. Here lies musical, Daoist harmony.

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