Neil Young

Neil Young reminds me of how important it is to take the time to understand genius, especially when it is difficult. On the one hand, his great songs are among the greatest I’ve ever heard. On the other, when I play an album, I find I don’t like most of it. This has to be because of an unconscious bias I have toward folk music. It makes me think of coffeehouses with performers who desperately want to be more talented than they are, playing instruments that are far nicer than they have the right to play, through a terrible house sound system, to a crowd of twenty people not really paying attention. Yet as I listen to Zuma I am slowly becoming fascinated. His songwriting is second to none, and the combination of his voice and guitar are magical. Then you listen to the lyrics and realize he is a poet.


“Looking for a Lover” is catchy, upbeat and profoundly dark.

“Drive Back” has so many elements I love about doom: the endless hooks and exquisite guitar work coupled with his voice.

This is only my second listen, but I already know to pay atention to “Cortez the Killer”. What an unbeleivable mind he has. There are gods who walk among us and sing.

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