ADHD is a myth perpetuated by those who are bored. Be like us and stop being fascinated by everything.


It is not an inability to focus. On the contrary, it consists in being hyper-focused. This makes it hard to dismiss things, for there is no way to know a priori what is important.


Or another way: you do not learn the way we insist on teaching you, therefore you must be medicated.


I’m not saying it’s not hard being this way, it certainly can be. It’s not just that we live in a world that values depth over breadth, it can genuinely be difficult to go as deep as we ourselves would like in any given area. For example, I had to throw away half of my books, and hide the other half in a different room, in order to make serious progress in networking and Linux. It took everything I had to think about each title and decide whether or not I needed it. This is not the same thing as coming up with reasons why I think it’s important to keep. To convince myself that each title is is child’s play. But that’s precisely the challenge: to me any work of insight is important. I simply have to choose, a task that is easier for those who are unable to see the beauty in every choice.

Society deceives itself with this label. The assumption is this: you have a problem learning, we do not. It barely takes a moment’s reflection to realize the utter absurdity of this. Yet no one questions it. How one learns is no indication of what she learns.

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