Finishing strong

I recently had a debate about Katatonia’s last album with a friend whose opinion I greatly respect. He loves them but hates the album—it’s missing something he can’t put his finger on—saying the title The Fall of Hearts is fitting because it sounds like they’ve given up. I shot back some texts (disparaging the first two albums, which he respects more than I) that apparently had the effect of ending the conversation, much to my chagrin. As I think about it now:

§ I can only wish to have my last work be this great.

§ As a result, however unconsciously, I was insulted by his opinion.

§ Even if I consider my last work great, there will be those who disagree.

§ Nevertheless, I must create it and believe there will be those to whom it speaks.

§ This is ironic, as no band uses the metaphor of rust more than they do.

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