Things Roguelike is teaching me:

  • Grinding is all there is. There is no end game.
  • Notice the differences along the way, these are the beautiful moments.
  • Rebirth is real, resurrection is a myth.
  • Know when it is best to explore every corner of your current level and when it’s best to go to the next level.
  • When you think you are out of options you simply have to move forward, as absurd as it may seem. For only then do you see the amazing recoveries that you, by definition, could not have seen from where you were.
  • Laugh at the clever surprises.
  • See each beginning as a chance to explore new options, and eventually master the whole.
  • #4 cannot be known deductively. Trust your instincts. This is not because your instinct is right, it’s because it’s all you have. Therefore it’s better to engage your situation at peace with yourself rather than at war.
  • Know why you keep choosing the same class, despite the fact that other classes are superior in ways everyone else cares about. What does this say about your fantasies, and thus about your hopes?
  • Support and heals are immeasurably more important than dps.
  • Never stop exploring.