I listened to the first half of Green Druid’s Ashen Blood, a doom band out of Denver. I wasn’t taken in at first, nor was I bored. I picked it up again tonight, and found myself liking it a bit more. Granted, I may have been somewhat influenced by a positive review, and even more by beautiful flowers, but it got me thinking.

Denver is also home to the doom band Khemmis, with whom I am in love. I will never forgive myself for not paying absolute attention to them when we walked in to their set. Sadly, it took the opening of “The Bereaved” (which, I kid you not, just started right now on my music player as I am typing this…) for me to stop what I was doing and realize I was in the presence of a great band.

I started playing their first album, Absolution, as I sat down to the computer. I love the opening track, so much so that if I had to play only one song to introduce someone to them I would chose it without hesitation. I also love the second and fourth tracks, which remind me of early Coheed and Cambria. (Mind you, none of this is to say I would place this album above the next, Hunted, which is flawless.) However, the third, “Serpentine”, never captured me fully until now. It was too plodding. Only now do I realize this is a masterpiece not only of doom metal, but of their sound. It is a distillation of a fundamental piece of who they are.

In the same way I am starting to realize Katatonia’s fourth album, Tonight’s Decision, which I didn’t initially like, is every bit as much a manifestation of who they are as Last Fair Deal Gone Down.

I need to stop assuming what I think I like is what someone is trying to show me.

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