I stand by everything in my last post—Wolves in the Throne Room is one of the most impressive bands I’ve seen live. But now with a day to reflect, I’m able to appreciate other aspects of the night. Myrkur put on a great show, and has an amazing voice, even though I prefer Within Temptation. I certainly resonated with her Delores O’Riordan-esque gifts, but it felt like watching a virtuoso surrounded by mediocrity. Seeing Enslaved felt like a gift, but I wasn’t moved by their set. It came across as a handful of great songs slapped together. The hidden gem of the night was Khemmis, who opened. Near the end of their set I found myself completely focused, as they played a song that very much reminded me of Agalloch. I decided today to listen to their latest album, Hunted, and I’m now on my third or fourth consecutive listen as I write this. It’s amazing. There’s something so genuine to their sound. It’s as if you were listening to a friend’s band that you’ve known your whole life, only to just now realize they embody a kind of genius that is lost on all but sensitive ears.

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