It’s amazing that I ever discover new music. I’m listening to Katatonia’s Viva Emptiness and can’t get over how great it is. There are some bands I love that I could never aspire to as a musician: Opeth, Rush, Ulver, Fleetwood Mac, Neil Young, &c. But when I listen to bands like Katatonia and Amorphis I can’t help but think that we could have been like that. We had that kind of talent, those instincts. But we lacked the discipline. Both the content and the transition from “A Premonition” to “Will I Arrive” resonates with me on the deepest level. I remember many a night when we would play our own versions of them (“Through the Flood” into “Wither”, for example) and it was nothing short of magical. The soul of the world is a kind of music, and we must be open to the sensitive, receptive souls who resonate with it.

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