I’m listening to Katatonia’s “Viva Emptiness”, and was struck by how dark they are. Too many people think darkness in metal equals growling, messy, distorted, heavy noise, and album covers that depict stereotypical satanic, taboo motifs. They are fools. Listen to Jonas Renske’s lyrics. If you do not shudder you have no soul.

I was reading an interview with the first American student to study under the founder of Aikido, and he said something that struck me: “…one of the things we need to do is to recognize that we are both light and dark, and we need to reclaim some darkness that has been denied us or taken away from us. We have to somehow learn that being dark is not evil, not necessarily. I mean there’s evil that’s dark, but there’s also dark that’s not evil. And it’s very important to understand.”
This darkness is also a kind of good.

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