On creating

IMG_1958.jpgI finished the desk. Here are some Wittgensteinian thoughts.

  • The two parts that stand out to me as most enjoyable are sanding and applying the stain. Both are terminal and simultaneously preparatory. I suppose if I thought about this long enough I could say that about any step in the process.
  • No matter how precise you try to be, you are dealing with wood, a substance that defies all precision.
  • I was able to take an idea and translate it into something material, however imperfectly.
  • I see all of its flaws, and yet am still proud.
  • No sooner have I finished, and I am already thinking of how I can do it again, differently.
  • I have profound respect for the great craftsmen. This has always been true in terms of music and literature, but now also in terms of the things we would consider trades.
  • The previous point is a lesson I should have learned long ago.
  • Work takes time and focus. This means other desires must be denied. We deny them because they are less important, however desirable they may seem in the moment. This was the key to me being able to leave online gaming. To those who have never known this addiction this seems trivial.
  • It is not perfect, but I made it, and I am glad that I did.

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