What we do

We are the things we actually do, not the things we plan on doing. And we are easily fooled by the difference. Perhaps it’s a built-in defense mechanism against the fact that most of what we do is unremarkable. I dream big and act small, yet I chose to see myself through the former. The passing of time, however, has a wry way of calling our bluff. If I were to be honest, there’s no way to accomplish the (absurd) list of things I wish to do, even if I were to actually act on them (which, for the most part, I don’t).

We must choose to focus, and then have the discipline to see it through. There is no way to learn everything I want to learn. I remember hearing what is certainly an apocryphal story of a monk who said anyone who has claimed to have read all of Augustine is a liar…Nevertheless, it couldn’t be more true. And if true for one writer, how much so for all of written history? Who are we to think we can wrap our minds around even the tiniest fraction of it all?

Why is it so difficult to choose? Am I afraid that by choosing one path I am missing out on all the others? Certainly this is true. And yet, ironically, such fear leads to missing out on them all.

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