I feel bad about the brevity of my last few posts. They are a marked departure from my writing. I think I’m wrestling with the tension between positing and perfection, something that ultimately prevented me from finishing my doctoral work. I look at my writing, then look at my bookshelf, and think: not good enough.

However, I’ve been inspired by…well, I suppose, many people, most of whom are not academic. Life is short. We can produce or procrastinate. There will always be imperfections in our work, no matter how much we put into it.

The debate over the open web vis a vis proprietary domains like Twitter, Facebook and Medium has moved me to think about what it means to create our own content and own it. For too many of us fear keeps us from speaking, from drawing, from playing, from creating. We see the writers, musicians, speakers, artists and thinkers we admire, and know we are not them. And yet, I’m willing to bet that if they knew that their success prevented us from doing the same they would be crushed—for there was a time when they were where we are. Does greatness inspire and free us or paralyze us? For far too long, for me, it has done the latter.

In terms of writing Manton Reece has gotten me to re-think what a blog should look like. While I doubt I will ever abandon long-form entries, I can see myself embracing micro-blogging. I’m looking forward to his platform


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