On Pacifism

The argument against fighting is the same as that against the death penalty: there is no way to assure the executioner is _right_, and if he is wrong, no way to correct the mistake.

The winner of a fight is left only with the knowledge that he used more force, not that the cause for which he fought was correct. Better for both sides to forswear violence in all circumstances except self-defence, and even then only with fear and trembling.


ยง 1

>none cannot find who seeketh on this terrestrial ball

I’ve never thought of it this way. I’ve assumed I am where I am because of circumstances, things beyond my control.

Primal Arrangement

I’m reading one of the oldest commentaries on the _I Ching_ (_Shuo Kua_) and am amazed at the genius of the Sequence of Earlier Heaven. I would have never thought to start a system of numbers using two and three as the starting point. This makes sense though. Two gives opposition, three growth.

I prefer the [trigrams](https://ichingfastale.blogspot.com/2015/05/el-i-ching-o-libro-de-los-cambios.html) to the hexagrams, as they are more fundamental. No trigram has balance within itself–considered in itself, each leans toward yin or yang. Only when taken with its counterpart is balance achieved.

Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy are pure forms of Christianity from a mechanical perspective. One can live a secular life with minimal discomfort.